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An Overview of Dehumidifier Fire Lawsuits

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Although most people anticipate that the consumer products they buy will function as intended and comply with safety standards, many consumers are injured by defective products annually.  The threat of injuries, loss of life, and property damage posed by faulty goods have increased with more products being imported and sold under the trade names of U.S. companies.  Many of the companies that design and manufacture these shoddy products lack strict regulatory and safety standards comparable to the U.S.

The massive recall of 2.5 million dehumidifiers, manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances, a company based in China, and sold under the label of household U.S. companies like GE, Frigidaire, and Kenmore serves as a grim reminder of this dangerous trend. The dehumidifiers have been recalled because of the risk of fires, property damage, injuries, and wrongful death due to overheating.  The Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC), which promulgates regulations and sets standards for many consumer products reports that the appliances can spark a fire when they overheat.  The agency indicates that it has received over 2,000 reports of the devices overheating. These overheating incidents have ignited more than 450 fires and caused approximately $19 million in damage to property, including homes, businesses, and the contents of these structures.

If you or someone close to you has been the victim of a fire caused by a Gree dehumidifier, you might have the right to file a defective product claim to recoup compensation for your hospital and medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, property loss, punitive damages, and other damages authorized under applicable law.  National Product Liability Attorney Jason Turchin, Esq. currently is investigating Gree dehumidifier fire claims that involve injuries, fatalities, and/or property damage.

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How Gree Dehumidifiers Are Triggering Fires 

Many dehumidifiers are used in basements and other dank areas of homes and other buildings to prevent mold.  Consumers routinely leave these devices operating around the clock to deter the accumulation of moisture that can prompt mold to thrive.  When Gree dehumidifiers are left unattended for long periods, the devices can overheat and produce a spark causing a fire to erupt according to the CPSC.

A lawsuit filed by Soleus International, Inc. (Soleus), a company that sold the units under its own trade name, indicates it warned Gree about overheating and fire complaints from consumers in 2012, but Gree insisted the units were safe according to documents filed in the lawsuit.  Documents filed in the case further allege that Gree continued to ignore these warnings even after Soleus revealed the results of testing by independent contractors hired by Soleus, which identified a serious defect related to the use of subpar materials.  Gree did not announce a recall of the defective units until September 2013, nearly a year after Soleus pulled Gree manufactured dehumidifiers from shelves in November 2012.

Federal Regulatory Actions and Recalls

While Gree eventually recalled the dehumidifiers in September 2013, the manufacturer was hit with significant penalties by the CPSC for its conduct in handling consumer fire reports and a subsequent CPSC investigation.  The federal agency and Gree entered into a settlement agreement in which the manufacturer of the defective units agreed to pay fines amounting to $15.45 million.  The company also agreed to implement a program to ensure compliance with the Consumer Protection Safety Act.  The allegations brought against Gree by the federal agency included:

  • Gree provided misrepresentations to CPSC representatives during the federal investigation.
  • Gree made false claims that the appliance at issue was UL compliant despite knowing they failed to meet UL flammability standards.
  • Gree did not inform the CPSC of reports of fires and serious injury risks within the required time window.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Product Liability Claim 

Although consumers benefit from product liability laws designed to favor consumers and force companies that design, manufacture, and market products to assume financial responsibility for the harm caused by their goods, this area of law is complicated. While any entity in the production-distribution chain might be liable for your losses, you must understand the appropriate legal theory.  For example, Gree might have failed to provide adequate warnings of fire risk associated with leaving the device running for long periods while unattended, referred to as a marketing defect.  Alternatively, the device might have been defectively manufactured using substandard materials as alleged by Soleus in its lawsuit against Gree.  The design of the devices might even have been faulty so that the devices were inherently unsafe even when they complied perfectly with the design specifications.

Product liability lawsuits also can be challenging because the defendants are large corporations with extensive financial resources to engage in protracted litigation.  Jason Turchin, Esq. is a highly regarded national product liability attorney.  Media outlets throughout the country seek out Jason for his expertise and experience in handling personal injury cases, particularly product liability claims.  He has a proven track record of successfully taking on large corporations like the world’s major automakers on behalf of consumers who have been injured by dangerous products.

Defective product cases also often require an understanding of complex factual issues that involve design specifications, the manufacturing process, engineering, and more.  Seasoned product defect lawyers have an established networks of experts and the knowledge to work closely with those with technical expertise to identify issues related to liability and secure evidence to prove a product was defective.

 Jason Turchin – National Product Liability Attorney

Because of his successful career taking on makers of defective products, Jason appears regularly on television as a legal analyst and commentator.  (Click here to watch a few of these media appearances involving defective products).  He combines his commitment to diligently pursuing the fullest financial recovery for clients while keeping his clients apprised of the status of their case and important developments throughout the insurance claims and litigation process.  He has received dozens of 5-star ratings from former clients and attorneys.  Jason also has received a perfect 10.0 rating from AVVO, which evaluates every attorney in the country, as well as the highest rating of “AV Preeminent” from Martindale Hubbell based on peer review.  (For a more extensive list of Jason’s honors, achievements, and awards, click here to review our “About Us” page.

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Our law firm currently is investigating claims against Gree, as well as the companies that sold dehumidifiers manufactured by Gree under their own trade names.  These other companies include the following:

  • Frigidaire
  • SuperClima
  • GE
  • Soleus Air
  • Kenmore
  • Danby
  • Seabreeze
  • De’Longhi
  • Fellini
  • Fedders
  • Norpole
  • Premier

If you or a loved one suffered property damage, personal injury, or lost a family member in a fire caused by a dehumidifier manufactured by Gree, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you and evaluate your legal claim.  We serve clients with defective product claims in all 50 states, so call us today 888 99-VICTIM.  NO RECOVERY NO FEE!

Can You File a Lawsuit for Your Dehumidifier Fire?

If you or a loved one or family member were injured, burned, killed or suffered property damage caused by a defective dehumidifier, you may be entitled to compensation for any medical bills, surgical costs, prescription painkillers, lost income, scarring and disfigurement, and mental pain and anguish you may have suffered.

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