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A Texas woman severely injured by a pressure cooker has filed suit against the pressure cooker manufacturer, seeking damages for the harm she suffered when the pressure cooker lid exploded off the cooker despite the presence of “safety features.” 

Although many dangerous and poorly made products can cause injury and even death to consumers, most people assume that these products will be removed from the market before doing much harm.  Unfortunately, recalls offer limited protection because consumers usually are injured or killed before the implementation of a recall.  Companies responsible for defective products also might drag their feet in warning consumers or taking unsafe products off the shelves.  Even when a recall is finally announced, many consumers never realize they own a product subject to a safety recall.  The average consumer response to recalls is approximately six percent according to the Chicago Sun Times.

The wave of hundreds of fires caused by defective dehumidifiers over the last several years serves as a cautionary tale to remind consumers of the importance of checking their dehumidifier for recalls.  A Cedarburg, Wisconsin woman tragically lost her dog in a fire started by a dehumidifier last August, but the tragedy could have been even worse.  The dehumidifier was operating in her basement while the family was not home.  While the blaze was confined in the basement, smoke dust was circulated throughout the home by the central air conditioning system.  The fire did extensive smoke damage to the home and claimed the live of Bubba, their family dog.  

Like many other victims of dehumidifier fires, the Wisconsin family only discovered that their dehumidifier had been recalled after their home had been badly damaged and their dog perished.  The dog’s owner has since launched a Facebook page devoted to the incident.  Approximately 45 people have contacted her to indicate that they checked and discovered their dehumidifiers had been recalled after reading her Facebook page.

The risk of consumers remaining in the dark about the recall is compounded by the approaching warmer humid weather in many areas of the U.S.  Consumers frequently leave dehumidifiers operating 24/7 in hot weather.  A CPSC spokeswoman Patty Davis recommends that consumers turn off their dehumidifier before going to bed or leaving home even if the device is not subject to recall.  According to Davis, people should always keep an eye on dehumidifiers like other small appliances.

Dehumidifiers currently under recall were manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances, GD Midea Air Conditioning Equipment Ltd., and LG Electronic Tianjin Appliance Co., which are all based in China.  The recall covers 6.8 million units manufactured by these companies, which sold the appliances at major U.S. retail outlets like Sam’s Club, Home Depot,, Kmart, Walmart, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.  The defective devices have been connected to 500 fires and about $25 million in property damage according to the CPSC.  The lion’s share of these fires and losses have been linked to the appliances manufactured by Gree.  However, consumers could be confused about the manufacturer of their dehumidifier because they were sold under about 60 different names.  Some were well known brands like GE, Sunbeam, Frigidaire, and Kenmore while others were effectively the identical product sold under the label of a different brand.

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(Check the Gree recalls website to determine if your dehumidifier is under recall.)

Check the Midea recall website to see if your dehumidifier is subject to recall.)

The number of fires and danger to the public also might have been compounded by the conduct of Gree in handling overheating complaints.  The company was slapped with a $15.45 million civil fine for failing to report issues with the dehumidifiers to the CPSC.  The Justice Department also has pursued federal criminal charges against two company executives responsible for the importation and distribution of the defective dehumidifiers.  The federal agency alleges that the executives neglected to report the known defects and persisted in selling the unsafe units further endangering consumers. This type of conduct might result in punitive damage awards against the company in future lawsuits involving property damage, personal injury and wrongful death.

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