Dozens of Injuries Lead to Recall of Playground Equipment at McDonald’s

NEW YORK- reports that playground equipment that was installed in McDonald’s PlayPlaces across the United States caused dozens of injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated that the company that manufactured the playground equipment, Soft Play, voluntarily decided to recall the Spider Climb playground pieces, which it installed in about 200 McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

The Spider Climb equipment consists of ropes, cables, and platforms that children can climb. The company is now saying that the device’s platforms are too far apart and that children can fall between them when attempting to climb. 

So far, the CPSC received 34 reports of children sustaining injuries associated with the platforms.

The company is working to improve the safety of the Spider Climb by adding additional platforms to shorten the distance between the platforms and reduce the risk of injuries. 

The CPSC is a government agency tasked with protecting the public from dangerous products. Over the past four decades, the CPSC has lowered the number of deaths, injuries, and amount of property damage caused by defective products. 

Oftentimes, companies create products that turn out to present risks that no one noticed prior to the product being placed on the market. There could be a design defect, or something could have gone wrong during the manufacturing. The Spider Climb is an example of a design defect. When the defect is recognized, the company can issue a voluntary recall. If a product is too dangerous, the CPSC can ban the product to protect the public. In most cases, companies make the move to recall their products without the CPSC having to take any action.

McDonald Playground Personal Injury Victims Are Out There

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