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Case Results for Florida Accident, Injury, Wrongful Death and Crime Victim Cases

This page contains prior case summaries. If you did not intend on viewing this page, click your back button immediately. No prior results can guarantee results on other cases, as each case has its own unique facts.

Here are a few examples of the more than 5,500 cases Jason Turchin has handled:

Crime Victim’s Rights

Murder – $1,000,000.00 – family of man shot and killed at an apartment complex after the complex allegedly failed to provide adequate security.

Molestation – Insurance Policy Limits – Victim was molested by her father for years and the Court issued a restraining order against him. While her grandfather was babysitting her, the grandfather allowed the father to see his daughter. During this visit, the father again molested his daughter. We recovered the grandfather’s entire homeowner’s policy for the victim.

Molestation – Insurance Policy Limits – Victim was molested by her friend’s father. The friends grandparents also lived with them. Although Florida case law generally does not permit a claim against other adults in the house when one adult molests a child, we successfully proved that the molester had a prior molestation charge and the grandparents were aware of this. Since the grandparents knew their son was a sexual predator, we showed that they had a greater duty to warn our client.

Molestation – Insurance Policy Limits – Victim was 7 years old and severely autistic when she was molested in a private school by the janitor. Our client was not able to testify in the criminal trial or communicate the abuse and the janitor was released in the criminal case. After being retained, our investigation revealed a 911 call where a teacher called and reported that she found the janitor in the closet with the child with his hands down her pants. After reviewing the 911 tape, the insurance company for the school tendered their entire policy limit.

Sexual Assault – $confidential – Our client was sexually assaulted by a used car salesman while the salesman took her out for a test drive. Our investigation revealed a prior criminal complaint against the same car salesman one year prior for assaulting another car customer. Most shocking was that this prior assault occurred at the same car dealership and the dealership did nothing to prevent this from happening again.

Molestation – $confidential – 6 year old victim was molested by a pastor from her Church. The church officials then tried to pay off the victim’s father, but Florida law requires Court approval for minor settlements and made their attempted pay-off invalid.

Molestation – $250,000.00 – Victim was molested by her neighbor at a trailer park. The trailer park company claimed to have done background checks on all residents prior to the incident, but failed to actually implement their background check program until after this incident. A prior check revealed a prior molestation charge against the neighbor, as well as a listing of over 5 other registered sex offenders living in the same community.

Molestation – $175,000.00 – Victim was molested by a known assailant in Florida.

Shooting – $confidential – Victim was shot in the face and killed while sitting in a gas station.

Shooting – $confidential – Young high school student was shot in the face and became partially blind.

Shooting – Insurance Policy Limits from two companies – Our client was shot and killed after an acquaintance was playing with a gun and it discharged.

Drunk Driving Victims

$confidential – Client sustained neck and pain injuries after a drunk driver struck her vehicle. The drunk driver was driving a company vehicle at the time. Under Florida law, there are some cases in which an insurance company will have to pay for punitive damages.

$confidential – Client underwent epidural injections for a herniated disc after a drunk driver struck her vehicle. She was also covered under her underinsured motorist carrier.

$confidential – Young girl sustained a fractured arm after a drunk driver cut her off and slammed into the side of her vehicle.

$250,000.00 – Miami DUI victim struck by a drunk driver who failed to stop at a traffic light.

$250,000.00 – Tallahassee DUI victims sustained back and neck injuries, but no fractures. Even though the Defendant refused a breath test, the Court granted our Motion to Plead Punitive Damages.

$250,000.00 – Male sustained back injuries after he was rear-ended by a drunk driver. The drunk driver was killed on impact.

$100,000.00 (Policy Limit) – Client sustained soft tissue injuries to her back after being struck by a hit and run driver. The driver was caught and the police arrested her for DUI and hit and run.

Wrongful Death

$4,020,000.00 – Settlement for family of man killed in a hit and run.

$confidential – Father was killed after he was run over by three vehicles. He left behind a wife and several children.

Insurance Policy Limits from four companies – Mother of two was killed while crossing the street after she was run over by several vehicles.

Insurance Policy Limits from three companies – Young child was killed after he was burned in a fire. Two fire departments gave conflicted causes of the fire. We were able to prove that the fire was caused by the negligence of the home owner and the tenant. We recovered the policy limits from the renter’s insurance, the homeowner’s insurance and the homeowner’s excess insurance.

$1,200,000.00 – Young girl was killed after her car was rear-ended by a truck.

$1,050,000.00 (Insurance Policy Limits) – Teenage girl was killed after the car that she was in struck a wall. She was not wearing her seat belt and struck her head after the impact.

Dram Shop Act – $confidential – Our client was 19 years old when he was served alcohol at a bar. When he left the bar, his impaired judgment put him in a car with a drunk driver. The drunk driver flipped the vehicle and our client was ejected. He died on impact.

Dram Shop Act – $confidential – 20 year old student was killed after he was served alcohol at a bar.

Car Accidents

$confidential – Client had multiple rib fractures after being rear-ended by a careless driver.

$confidential – Female passenger was injured when another driver lost control and struck her. She sustained scars on her arm.

$900,000.00 – Settlement before trial for car accident victim who had back surgery.

$385,000.00 – Settlement for client who underwent a discectomy after a car accident.

$300,000.00 – Recovery for Key West motorcycle accident victim who injured his head after a car pulled out in front of him.

$150,000.00 – Client had an aggravation of pre-existing back pain and had a minor back surgery after a car accident.

$100,000.00 (Policy Limits) – Client underwent epidural injections after she was injured when a car failed to stop at a red light and struck her vehicle.

$100,000.00 (Policy Limits) – Young girl underwent spinal injections for disc bulging after her car was rear-ended.

$100,000.00 (Policy Limits) – Settlement for a woman who sustained ununoperated disc herniation.

Cruise Ship Injuries

$confidential – Woman underwent multiple mouth surgeries after drinking a blended drink that the bartender accidentally blended with broken glass.

$confidential – Female passenger broke her knee after slipping on water near the pool area.

$confidential – Male cruise passenger was burned on a heat lamp as he reached for food on the buffet line.

$150,000.00 – Cruise passenger was injured after being struck by a sliding door.

$confidential – Woman was injured when she slipped and fell on food that was not cleaned up on the Lido deck.

$100,000.00 – Man sustained knee injuries after he slipped and fell on an oily buildup by the pool area while on a cruise.

Slip and Falls

$confidential – Man slipped and fell in an Orlando theme park and injured his back.

$confidential – Client had a spinal fusion procedure after slipping and falling in a pharmacy in Miami.

$confidential – Ft. Lauderdale victim fractured his spine after slipping on tile in front of his apartment.

$confidential – Section 8 housing tenant underwent knee surgery after a trip and fall in the apartment complex.

$185,000.00 – Client underwent a procedure to her ankle after a slip and fall in a Florida store.

$175,000.00 – Woman who slipped and fell down stairs at a hotel in Miami and injured her knee. She alleged that the carpet was frayed and caused her to lose her footing.

$175,000.00 – Miami client injured his back after slipping and falling on water in a grocery store aisle.

$150,000.00 – Settlement for Key West victim of an elevator accident.

$confidential – Publix customer was injured when she slipped and fell on water near the ice machine. Inspection of the machine revealed leaking which was not properly cleaned.

$confidential – Client slipped and fell on lotion on the floor at Walmart and injured her back.

$confidential – Client tripped and fell on a box in the aisle of Walgreens and injured her back.

$confidential – Our client underwent shoulder surgery after a display chair fell off a rack and struck her at a Central Florida Walgreens store.

Medical Malpractice

$1,500,000.00 – Verdict with co-counsel for stroke victim after doctor allegedly failed to diagnose her symptoms and failed to administer proper medication.

$confidential – Settlement for victim against a hair removal clinic after she sustained burns to her leg.

Life Insurance Disputes

$confidential – Recovery of majority of life insurance policy despite allegations that insured failed to disclose diabetes on insurance application.

$confidential – Settlement before trial with life insurance company who alleged that insured failed to disclose seizure disorder.

$confidential – Settlement at mediation after claim was denied for a cancelled policy because the payments were allegedly not timely made.

$confidential – Recovery from life insurance company where insurance company failed to place premium payments on autopay despite instruction to do so, and later denied payment because they did not receive a check from the insured.

$350,000.00 (approx) – Recovery in Interpleader lawsuit for beneficiaries whose claim was rejected by another beneficiary that allegedly unduly influenced the insured to change the beneficiary before he died.

$135,000.00 – Interpleader settlement for woman whose entire claim was allegedly barred because she was divorced from the policy holder under a new divorce law.

$100,000.00 – Full benefits recovered after claim was denied.

Insurance Bad Faith

$confidential – We received over 400x the insurance policy limit after our client sustained several fractures following a car accident. We successfully argued that the insurance company failed to property and timely tender their insured’s policy limit.

$confidential – Double damages paid in a wrongful death case after the insurance company settled with the deceased child’s mother and failed to release the father’s claim.

$confidential – After the insurance company failed to tender their policy limit in a drunk driving crash where our client sustained soft tissue injuries, we filed suit. We recovered an excess judgment against the insurance company within a week of trial.

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Fell and surgery was done and no help from Resort even though it was wet and dark. Whitney and Emily at Atty Turchin were terrific all the way to court. I am extremely grateful for all of their help and bearing...

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From the moment I obtained The Law offices of Jason Turchin I felt a sense of relief that I was in the Best of hands. Attorney Baca made me feel like I was family. He kept me updated and made sure I felt...

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