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Press Room – Florida Victims Rights Personal Injury and Accident Law TV Media Legal Consultant

Jason Turchin, Esq. is known for representing newsworthy cases throughout the United States. He is often contacted by the media to provide on-air commentary regarding specific cases he handles or legal insight corresponding to current and newsworthy topics. He’s contributed to stories that appeared on the CBS Evening News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg News, Sun Sentinel, Rolling Stone, NY Post, and many others, and his work has appeared in Congressional Hearings. Here are just a few samples of his television interviews and media coverage on his cases:

2024 – Argophilia – 5 Tips for Getting Compensation after Cruise Ship Injuries – Jason Turchin provides guidance on what to do if you are hurt on a cruise.

2023 – Street Insider – Five Key Tips to Winning a Life Insurance AppealLife Insurance lawyer Jason Turchin shares tips on how to win a life insurance claim that was denied.

2023 – Bloomberg Law – Walmart, Target Sued for Charging Sales Taxes on American Flags – Our firm filed a class action against Walmart and Target for alleged unlawful charging of sales tax on American flags, contrary to Florida law.

2023 – Law Offices of Jason Turchin Files Lawsuit Against The Clorox Company Over Pine-Sol Product Injury – After a client sustained severe injuries from an infection allegedly caused by Pine-Sol, our firm filed a product liability lawsuit against The Clorox Company for her damages.

2023 – PRNewswire – RECALL ALERT: Two Million COSORI Air Fryers Recalled by Atekcity Because of Fire and Burn Hazards – The firm is investigating claims of defective air fryers which can cause burn injuries.

2022 – NBC – SharkNinja Pressure Cooker Burn Injury Lawsuit Filed By National Product Liability Lawyer Jason Turchin – After another person was burned by a SharkNinja pressure cooker, our pressure cooker lawyers filed a lawsuit against SharkNinja.

2022 – – Can I get a license in another state if my license is suspended? – Jason contributed to this article on driving with a suspended license and the potential for punitive damages.

2022 – WPLG Local10 – Boy’s drowning death isn’t first tragedy at Coconut Creek complex – After another child drowned in the apartment complex where our client’s child was killed, Jason Turchin provided legal commentary on this news story.

2022 – – What is a tort state & what does it mean for my auto insurance policy? – Jason contributed to this article on differences between tort states following a car accident.

2022 – Sun Sentinel – Lawsuits Say These Pressure Cookers Can Explode – The pressure cooker lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason Turchin have handled more than 100 electric pressure cooker burn injury claims. Jason Turchin was interviewed for this story in the Sun Sentinel.

2022 – – What does a suspension of car registration mean? – Jason was interviewed for this article on car registration for drivers with a suspended license.

2020 – Yahoo Finance – 5 Common Reasons Life Insurance Claims Are Denied – Life insurance attorney Jason Turchin provided insight into some of the most common reasons a life insurance claim may be denied.

2020 – Forbes – Why are insurance policies so hard to read? – Jason Turchin was interviewed as a legal media expert on insurance policies.

2020 – Rolling Stone – Virgin Islands Suit Alleges Jeffrey Epstein Trafficked Girls and Women Through 2018 – Jason Turchin contributed as a media consultant on civil claims for crime victims.

2020 – AP News – Pressure Cooker Lawyer Jason Turchin Joins Class Action Counsel Involving Alleged Crock-Pot Pressure Cooker Explosions

2020 – Inside the Magic – Disabled woman sues Disney World after ride injury – A client of the Law Offices of Jason Turchin sued Disney World after she was injured on a ride after being told by a cast member that the ride was safe for her.

2020 – PRNewswire – Another lawsuit filed against Sunbeam for Crockpot injury – After another victim was burned by a Crockpot electric pressure cooker, attorney Jason Turchin filed another lawsuit against them.

2020 – PRNewswire – Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker Lawsuit Filed – Pressure cooker lawyer Jason Turchin filed a lawsuit on behalf of a customer burned as a result of an allegedly defective Maxi-Matic pressure cooker.

2020 – Ocala Star Banner – Apartment complex sued for negligent security – An Ocala apartment complex was sued after a tenant was shot during an incident on the property.

2020 – Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit Filed Against Tristar Products – Pressure cooker lawyer Jason Turchin filed another lawsuit against Tristar Products after another customer suffered burns from a Power Pressure Cooker.

2019 – Sun Sentinel – Jason was interviewed on an investigative story on product liability claims in Florida.

2019 – Allergic Living – Chef José Andrés Hit with Lawsuit after Man Suffers Allergic Reaction at Miami Restaurant – We take food allergy injuries seriously and were forced to file a lawsuit after one of our clients was allegedly injured in a Miami restaurant.

2017 – CBS – Will Takata Victims Be Compensated If They Go Bankrupt – Jason Turchin was interviewed on this investigative story about Takata’s upcoming bankruptcy.

2017 – USA Today – Car Rental Come Ons and How To Avoid Them – Jason Turchin was interviewed in this investigative report into car rentals and the various extras you can purchase.

2017 – CBS – Woman Warns Of Exploding Tristar Power Pressure Cooker – Our pressure cooker lawyers have handled many pressure cooker claims against Tristar. This article highlights one of our firm’s clients who was allegedly injured by a defective pressure cooker.

2017 – CBS – Hired Rides and Recalled Parts – This investigative report looked into the dangers of hired rides like Uber and Lyft, and how many had recalled parts which were never fixed. Jason Turchin was interviewed about the potential liability for these drivers.

2017 – CBS – Faulty Airbags Have South Florida At Forefront Of Largest Recall In US History – Jason Turchin’s evidence and investigation helped lead to one of the largest recalls in US history. This report notes some of his findings.

2017 – CBS – Recalled Airbags Pose Unsuspecting Dangers – CBS conducted an investigative report into recycled airbag parts. Jason Turchin contributed to this report.

2016 – ABC / Local 10 Miami – Lawsuit Filed Against Lincoln Marti School After Alleged Abuse By Teacher – Jason Turchin and attorney Mark Eiglarsh have been retained to represent the alleged victim of abuse at the school. Several other children have also come forward alleging abuse.

2016 – LinuxInsider – Udacity Fuels Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Dreams – Jason Turchin provided legal commentary in this article on self-driving vehicle technology and the potential legal liability manufacturers may face.

2016 – CBS – Local Finds Airbag May Have Done More Harm Than Good – Jason Turchin was hired to represent another victim of a defective Takata airbag. The victim’s airbag unit literally shot out from the steering wheel and struck him in the jaw.

2016 – Law Offices of Jason Turchin sponsors 8th Annual Heather Hurd Race to help raise awareness to the dangers of texting while driving. Heather’s family was represented by our office, and we hope to prevent more families from losing their loved one at the hands of a distracted driver.

2016 – Trademark Issued For Inspectable Airbag System – Jason Turchin was awarded a Trademark for his Inspectable Airbag System, designed to allow inspection of an airbag during a routine inspection to help prevent airbag injuries caused by defective or expired airbags.

2016 – Jason Turchin Selected to American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys Best List for 2016 – Jason Turchin was selected based on client satisfaction.

2015 – Sun Sentinel – 22 Year Old Hit and Run Victim in Florida Dies – Jason Turchin was retained by the family of this young man to file a Florida wrongful death claim and investigate the crime. The victim was struck and left to die on the street.

2015 – PRWeb – Another Shrapnel Injury Case Filed By Airbag Attorney Jason Turchin – Jason was retained to represent a 16 year old boy allegedly injured when a piece of metal shot out of his airbag and stabbed him in the face.

2015 – NBC – South Florida Victim Reacts To Massive Airbag Recall – Claribel Nunez and her attorney, Jason Turchin, were interviewed for this story on the upgraded airbag recall.

2015 – Radio Carocon – Jason was interviewed to discuss the latest airbag recall on this international radio broadcast.

2015 – GMA News – Exploding Airbag Injures Another US Driver, Says Honda – Jason Turchin represents the victim of this March 2015 accident which caused a piece of metal to fly out of the airbag and into the victim’s neck, requiring emergency surgery.

2015 – Business Insider – Takata Airbag Linked To Another Injury – Following a relatively low impact accident, a Miami man was injured when a piece of metal shot out of his Honda vehicle’s airbag and lodged in his neck. Jason Turchin represents the victim.

2015 – PR Newswire – Airbag Attorney Files Patent Application To Help Prevent Airbag Malfunctions – Jason Turchin has been working hard to not only fight for airbag victims, but also to develop a fix to prevent further airbag ruptures. He is involved with Inspectable Airbag Systems to redesign the airbag and allow airbags to be inspectable during routine maintenance.

2015 – Daily Mail UK – Takata Must Save Faulty Inflators For Investigators – Jason Turchin was interviewed for this piece discussing the requirement for Tataka to save airbag inflators to allow for further independent testing.

2015 – CBS Miami – Recalled Airbag Almost Takes Woman’s Ear Off – Jason Turchin represents the victim of this crash who was injured when part of the airbag in her vehicle allegedly sliced off part of her ear and caused other serious injuries.

2014 – New York Times – Jason was interviewed for stories on the Takata airbag claims and airbag injuries.

2014 – USA Today – Jason provided background information and was interviewed for a story on airbag settlements.

2014 – Bloomberg News/Washington Post – Air Bag Settlements Keep Details From Other Victims – Jason was interviewed for this story on Takata airbag settlements.

2014 – CBS Evening News – More Scrutiny For Japanese Maker Of Defective Airbags – Jason Turchin was interviewed for this national story on the airbag injury cases.

2014 – The Oregonian – Airbag Defendants Limit Disclosure By Striking Confidential Settlements – A story featuring Jason was picked up inOregon on the airbag litigation our firm is involved in.

2014 – WSVN Channel 7 – Scarred Woman Sues Airbag Maker – Our firm represents the Miami Gardens airbag injury victim.

2014 – CBS4 – Company Behind Airbag Recall May Have Known A Decade Before – Jason appeared in this story on the alleged defects in airbags and what the maker may have know years prior.

2014 – CBS This Morning – Jason appeared on the CBS national morning news broadcast on the Takata airbag recall cases.

2014 – CBS4 – Millions Of Drivers Affected By Defective Airbags – Jason was interviewed by CBS for this story on airbag recalls.

2014 – Telemundo interview with Jason Turchin and Office Manager Francine Molina with our client Claribel Nunez who was injured by a piece of airbag.

2014 – NBC6 – South Florida Woman Files Lawsuit For Alleged Airbag Problems – Jason Turchin was interviewed for this story on one of the firm’s airbag clients.

2014 – Airbag lawsuit filed on behalf of airbag injury victim – The article announced the filing of a lawsuit in Miami, Florida on behalf of one of our clients.

2014 – Jason was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on the latest developments in the Takata airbag litigation.

2014 – CBS4 – South Florida Woman Files Lawsuit Over Recalled Airbag – A lawsuit was filed by our firm against Honda and Takata for allegedly faulty airbags after a client was struck by a piece of metal from an airbag unit.

2014 – Jason was interviewed by CNN on airbag injury cases.

2013 – Boca Raton Crash Kills Fort Lauderdale Woman – Jason Turchin was hired to represent the family of a woman killed by an alleged drunk driver in Boca Raton in a wrongful death case.

2013 – Banks Not Following Rules To Keep You Safe At ATMs – Jason Turchin provided background legal analysis and information as a legal correspondent for NBC News for this article.

2013 – Jason Turchin was used as a legal consultant and correspondent by the Florida Center For Investigative Reporting on crime victim’s rights cases they were investigating for articles.

2013 – Jason Turchin Featured By Sun Sentinel For Philanthropic Work – Jason and his wife were featured for their continued support for caregivers of children who are injured, sick and disabled.

2013 – Girl on Horseback Killed by Car in Florida – Jason Turchin was retained to represent the father of a young girl killed when a babysitter walked her across the street as she was riding on a horse. A car did not see them crossing and they were killed by the car in Florida.

2012 – Man Killed in Pompano Beach Car Accident, Leaving 1 Year Old Baby Girl – Jason Turchin was retained to represent the Estate of a young man killed when a careless driver ran a red light and struck his car, causing it to roll over. The man was ejected and his car was then struck by another car. The Law Offices of Jason Turchin also helped the baby’s mother fight an eviction after she was left with no money when her boyfriend died, as his paychecks were needed to live on. The firm was able to get a large settlement for the girl which will provide support for her when she turns 18.

2012 – American Bar Association features Jason Turchin in national article.

2011 – Jason was interviewed by NCB2 on mall safety and the effectiveness of security cameras following a series of criminal acts at a local mall.

2011 – Jason was interviewed by NBC, FOX, WESH, and other affiliated news agencies on a high-profile case involving a child who was allegedly molested in a mall bathroom.

2007 — Jason appeared every weekday morning on ABC-Local10 in South Florida with informational commercials hoping to raise awareness for victim’s rights.

2006 — Parents of Adult Failed to Protect Minor From Son’s Sex Abuse — Jason successfully represented a young girl who was victimized by a family friend. The family never knew that the friend had a violent past. He previously spent time in jail for child molestation-related charges. The friend’s parents, who shared the house with the molester, knew about this past and never told our clients. We argued that their failure to warn our clients of their son’s violent past amounted to negligence. The details of the settlement are confidential.

2006 — Handicapped Driver Struck By Drunk Driver Head On — Jason successfully represented a young handicapped man who was driving his handicapped accessible van one night and was struck head-on by a drunk driver. The drunk driver’s vehicle blew up, killing both the driver and his passenger. Our client was in a coma for several months and sustained brain damage. The drunk driver had a nominal policy limit. Jason successfully negotiated a confidential settlement with the co-signer of the vehicle owner to help provide financial support to his client.

2006 — Crime Victim’s Compensation — Jason was interviewed on Help Me Howard on WSVN Fox News Miami on victim’s compensation laws in Florida. Unfortunately, many crime victims never collect Court ordered restitution. Many crime victims are not aware that they may have a right to pursue a civil claim to not only recover money for their actual losses, but also a substantial award for pain and suffering and mental anguish.

2006 — Victim’s Rights in the Criminal Case — Jason was interviewed by WSVN Fox News Miami on the rights of crime victims to be informed of the trial in the criminal case. He provided on-air commentary about the Constitutional rights of victims, as well as the options for crime victims including pursing civil claims for criminal acts.

2006 — Child Crime Victim’s Rights — Jason was invited to present and share his expertise with the Children’s Advocacy Center and other child sex crime victim professionals to discuss the rights of child crime victims, types of claims they may bring, and how pursuing a civil claim is complimentary to the criminal case.

2005 — Accident Victims’ Rights — Jason was contacted by NBCUniversal Miami and provided legal commentary on the increasing trend of hit and run accidents and the rights of victims after a young boy was killed on US1 in Miami.

2005 — Crime Victim’s Rights — Jason was invited to speak with several law enforcement and crime victim’s rights organizations on the types of civil cases that arise from crimes, avenues of financial recovery in victim’s rights cases, and how the criminal case works in conjunction with the civil claim.

2005 — Passenger killed in DUI crash — The family pursued a claim against the drunk driver and the nightclub, which served all of the vehicle patrons. Since two of the passengers were under 21, including the boy who was killed, we were able to pursue a claim under Florida’s dram shop law against the nightclub for knowingly serving an underage customer alcohol.

2004 — Mother and child killed in fire — This case received a lot of media attention when a mother and her young son burned to death in a fire while staying at a friend’s house. After an extensive investigation into the cause of the fire, Jason negotiated a confidential settlement with the owner of the home and the tenant who was living there.

2004 — Man Shot By Acquaintance — A young man was shot and killed by a guest in someone else’s house. Due to conflicting stories, the gunman was never charged and remains free. Jason fought for justice on behalf of the grieving family and successfully pursued negligence cases against the shooter and homeowner.

2004 — Expectant mother killed in car crash — After this single mother of four was killed when a tractor trailer cut in front of her, Jason worked to obtain the policy limits from the company that owned the truck. He also represented two of the children in family court and was able to get the Court to grant the grandmother temporary custody after the State threatened to take the children away from the family. He was interviewed by CBS4 and helped set up a college fund for the children. Jason did not accept any compensation for his extensive work on this case.

2004 — Student shot as his mom tried to drive away — A college student was just an innocent victim when he was shot and killed by random gunfire. A fight broke out outside a pool hall and shots were fired. Bullets pierced through the student’s SUV as he and his mom drove by. Jason pursued civil claims against the shooter and the pool hall owner after learning that the pool hall’s security service was on duty but nowhere to be found during the fight.

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