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If you need a wrongful death lawyer in Florida to help with an accidental death claim in Florida call one of our Florida wrongful death lawyers at 800-337-7755. It is always a free consultation. We handle wrongful death claims in Florida on a contingency fee, which means we waive all fees and costs if there is no recovery.

Each year, many people die in a Florida accident as the result of someone else's negligence. These deaths are often preventable and foreseeable. Inadequate security, negligent supervision, failure to conduct background checks, careless driving, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect or abuse, drunk driving, and negligence frequently contribute to the occurrence of accidental death cases. Through our complex method of investigation, we look through medical records, public records, police and state attorney files, and court documents and have experts available for consultation to fully investigate the wrongful death case.

Miami Accident Death Lawyer - Fort Lauderdale Wrongful Death

Florida Wrongful and Accidental Death Attorney Jason Turchin represents many families of victims of wrongful and accidental death. Our office handles murder and manslaughter cases, including those involving car accident death, nursing home negligence, firearm and gun violence, accidental shooting, swimming pool drowning, and many other murder and accidental death cases. Our law firm handles involuntary death cases where clients die in an apartment complex, cruise ship, child care facility, school, gas station, parking lot, hospital or medical facility, nursing home, church, temple, hotel or motel, restaurant, condominium, and other premises that fail to protect the safety of the public.

We know that the family members we work with went through a traumatic event. Our friendly staff is trained to work with clients to properly handle the accidental death case of a family member and can provide additional resources as well, including referrals to State Attorney's offices, law enforcement, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), National Center for Victims of Crime, Community Bereavement Coalition of North Central Florida, and other accidental death assistance centers.

You have a limited time to file a Florida Wrongful Death case

Due to statutes of limitations, the time to bring a claim is limited. It is important to consult with a wrongful death advocate and lawyer immediately to protect your legal rights. Our office will fight to recover any loss of earning capacity, past medical expenses, emotional damages, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and consortium, and mental anguish allowed by law for the wrongful death victim's estate and their family.

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Contact Accident and Wrongful Death Victim's Rights Advocate and Lawyer Jason Turchin today to see how our office can assist you. We handle cases throughout the entire state of Florida (FL) and Washington, District of Columbia (DC) and are available for co-counsel arrangements and consultation throughout the country. Our legal team will prosecute civil accidental death cases in every county and city in Florida including Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, Largo, Key West, Islamorada, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Treasure Coast, Jupiter, Clearwater, South Beach, Miami Beach, Aventura, Liberty City, Miami Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Brevard County, just to name a few.

Call us today at 888-988-4284 for a free consultation. Our wrongful death law firm is available 24 hour a day 7 days a week including weekends and holidays to discuss your potential civil wrongful death claim.

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