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Molestation is a devastating crime that often has long lasting or even permanent effects on its victims. If you or a loved one was a victim of molestation, Florida Molestation Victim’s Rights Attorney Jason Turchin wants to help you. Call (800) 337-7755 for a free consultation. We can pursue a civil claim on behalf of a Florida molestation victim to fight for the compensation you deserve.

After a sexual assault or molestation occurs, most victims and families seek justice in the criminal court system, hoping that the state will find enough evidence to prosecute the assailant and punish that person for the horrific act. Few victims, however, are aware that they may also seek monetary compensation in civil court for the pain and suffering they endured, as well as medical expenses. While the aggressor’s conduct is to blame for such a heinous crime, the actions or inactions of others may have enabled molestation to occur, and those people or businesses should be held accountable, or ‘liable’ in a civil court of law.

What is Molestation?

Molestation is the sexual assault or abuse of another person. Most commonly, molestation refers specifically to the sexual assault of a child.


According to RAINN, Child Protective Services find evidence for child molestation claims every 8 minutes. In total, reports from Child Protective Services show evidence that over 63,000 children per year are victims of molestation.

Children are some of the most vulnerable among us, unable to understand why someone they believe to be a trusted adult would harm them. RAINN reported that 34% of perpetrators are family members of the victim. 93% of all assailants personally know the child. Sometimes, this includes adults in children’s lives such as a teacher, coach, religious leader, counselor, and at a number of other facilities that fail to protect children from harm.


Most people hear the word “molestation” and assume it refers only to children, but they are only some of the victims of such sexual abuse. Molestation of susceptible adults often occurs when patients are sexually abused by their doctors or therapists, or when residential nursing home patients are abused by their caretakers and other staff, and even sometimes by other residents.

Why Compensate for a Crime?

The long term effects of children and adults alike who have fallen victim to molestation can be devastating, and many find it difficult to cope with the reality of what happened to them. Sadly, sexual abuse victims account for a great number of sufferers of mental illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors such as substance abuse. Some act out and some instead remove themselves entirely from society.

There is an obvious emotional cost to the victim, but there is almost always a financial cost as well. Mental disorders and coping problems stemming from sexual abuse can have a severe impact on a person’s quality of life. Years of therapy sessions and treatment for lasting mental disorders can come with a very high price tag. Unsurprisingly, victims who have the most trouble coping may even struggle to sustain a steady job and earn a living.

Whether you are dropping your child off at school or you entrust a nursing home to care for your ailing parent, you do so expecting that your love one will be taken care of and safe. Organizations have a duty to protect those on their premise from harm.

We believe that when an organization fails to protect people, they must be held liable for their conduct. The physical pain of the assault may have been short lived, but the emotional impact of a sexual assault remains, and may even last a lifetime.

What Types of Molestation Claims do You Handle?

Over the years, we’ve represented many, many victims of child molestation in civil claims. Some examples include:

  • Church Of God – We represented several victims in various incidents where children were allegedly molested while under the care of Church of God local chapters. Two underage victims were allegedly molested by a youth pastor who was nearly twice their age. In cases like this, the question in a civil claim is whether the incidents were foreseeable and preventable. The church typically abides by a two-adult rule requiring at least two adults present around the children. Unfortunately, the youth pastor was alone with the children.
  • Apartment Complex / Neighbor Molestation – We represented children over the years who were molested in apartment complexes or gated communities. Through investigation, in one case we found that a neighbor had been accused of molesting his daughter and a background check would have revealed his prior arrests. The complex failed to do a background check and was found responsible for contributing to the molestation.
  • Mall Molestation – After a child was molested in a mall bathroom, our Florida molestation victim attorneys investigated and pursued a civil claim against the mall on behalf of the child. We found that the alleged molester was loitering around the mall bathroom for hours a day prior to the incident.
  • Patient Molestation – We’ve represented patients against hospitals and medical facilities who were molested or sexually assaulted while coming out of anesthesia or while a patient in the facility.
  • Day Care Molestation – Our Florida molestation victim attorneys have represented children who were molested at day care by day care workers.
  • Church Molestation – Our FL molestation victim lawyers have handled many cases against churches where a child was molested by a pastor or other employee.

Free Consultation and Contingency Fees

If you or a loved one was the victim of a molestation, call the Law Offices of Jason Turchin to see how we can assist you. We understand that molestation is traumatic event that can be triggering and painful to talk about. Our friendly attorneys and staff is trained to properly tackle emotionally difficult cases, and ensure that your identity and the details of your case will never be publicly disclosed.

Get the compensation you and your loved ones deserve and reach out to Jason Turchin today. For a free consultation, please call (800) 337-7755. We look forward to helping you! We handle child molestation victim cases on a contingency fee, which means we waive all fees and costs if there is no recovery.

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