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Probate is a process in which the court supervises the transfer of assets from a deceased person to their heirs. Assets of the deceased person are identified and gathered under court supervision. The debts of the deceased are satisfied, and the distribution of assets to beneficiaries takes place. Costs of the probate process generally are paid with assets from the deceased.

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When probate administration applies

Probate administration applies purely to assets that the deceased person owned solely or that are owned by one or more other people without a clear order of succession upon death. For example, a home may be owned jointly by two people without rights of survivorship. Therefore, the other person does not have the legal right to assume ownership without probate passing ownership to that person.

How a Florida probate attorney can help

A Florida probate attorney can help the family after the death of a loved one in many ways. Many people believe a valid will is all that is needed to distribute the deceased person's assets appropriately. A will does not necessarily clear all of the deceased person's debts. Some people also have trusts, which may work together with the will. Also, jointly owned assets without rights of survivorship cannot be relinquished with a will. The probate court needs to address the distribution of the assets that were not owned solely by the deceased.

What is someone dies in Florida without a will?

The probate dispenses the assets according to Florida probate law if a resident dies without a will. The deceased person who died without a will is said to have died intestate. People may believe that if a person dies without a will, the state takes ownership of the assets. This is not the case if there are living heirs. Florida probate law is used to identify which of the decedent's heirs will inherit the assets. A family member or a person who shared the assets may hire a Florida probate attorney to protect their interests in the division of the assets.

If a person has partial ownership of an asset or has a relative who died intestate, a Ft. Lauderdale probate lawyer can help guide the person step by step through the probate process. The probate attorney will help the surviving heir with all matters involved in probating the estate based on the Florida probate law. Ft Lauderdale probate lawyers can be hired to advise the beneficiary of the estate on legal matters presented by the personal representative, or executor, during the course of the probate process.

You should hire a Florida probate attorney

The executor or personal representative is recommended to have a Florida probate attorney. Issues often arise when acting as a personal representative that are unfamiliar to someone who is not a lawyer. The probate attorney can help with the administration and settling disputes among family members, creditors and other beneficiaries. An attorney can also be helpful if the sale or transfer of ownership of estate property is necessary. While the possible problems facing the personal representative can seem like tremendous obstacles, an experienced Ft. Lauderdale probate lawyer can resolve the issues.

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